[StBernard] 9:30 PM Interview

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Sep 3 23:37:25 EDT 2008

The following are notes I took during Craig's interview on WDSU this

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1/3 of population has returned to St. Bernard following #Gustav

Entergy had over 100 crews in St. Bernard working to restore power. Hoping
for firm timeline on restoration tomorrow.

SDT will begin garbage collections tomorrow.

Debris pick-up should begin on Monday. Please bring debris to curb.

Please report any limbs or trees that is endangering a house please call

When stacking debris avoid stacking it around fire hydrants or any other
utility access.

Please assist the clean-up by sweeping or raking any street drains.

Water/sewerage is working and water is safe to drink. Pressure is low due to
generator running slow.

Curfew is still in effect from dusk to dawn.

Residents will be allowed to enter/exit parish during curfew after passing
thru inspection check point.

Schools are scheduled to open on Monday contingent on power being restored.

Residents that were evacuated by bus will be returned once power is

Traffic lights are not working. Please treat all traffic lights as a
four-way stop.

Fire chief Thomas Stone is reminding everyone to not operate
generators/grills inside homes are under carports.

Reminder that Federal Assistance for Individuals has been authorized. Visit
www.fema.gov to register.

Insurance companies that are ready to open claims offices in St. Bernard,
please call 504-278-4200 and the parish will notify public.

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