[StBernard] Truth in Advertising

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 8 16:08:54 EDT 2008

Yes, Cowabunga, <just kiddin'><smile>..

there are misinformation in the press AND online. However, factually,
"Bahama Bama" leads the truth ads 100 to 1 vs. John McCain. I'd be willing
to bet that prior to the election and whether elected or not, there will be
dozens of truthful information coming out against Bahama Bama that we are
not currently aware. Only one place is worse than Chicago politicians and
that's Louisiana Politicians! <smile>..

There is an old saying, "The truth shall set you free!".

I'll go a step further and say with confidence, "The Truth shall land him in

This is in reply to message # 6 Where are they now?
First of all I am not an Obama Supporter, but there is so much false
information circulating about the candidates that I have started researching
all political e-mails before I forward them.Check out this link on snopes

These false e-mails when exposed actually do more to help than hurt the
target. They make them look like victims of bias and racism and sometimes
end up generating more support for the candidate.
We need to make informed decisions not ones based on false e-mails. The
internet is a powerful tool and unfortunately is on many occassions used to
spread lies and false information to benefit or harm a person or cause. It
also sometimes backfires and is then exposed to make the person or cause a
This is probably the most important election we will have the privilege to
vote in. We need to be informed with the facts not forwarded e-mails that
originate from who knows where. Please be responsible and check out your
information before forwarding. This applies to both parties and candidates.
In our area we get mostly negative Obama e-mails, but there are just as many
negative McCain ones out there.
I am a staunch McCain supporter but we need to know the facts about both
candidates to vote wisely. So think and research before you forward.
Thanks, Cabowabojan

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