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Wed Oct 8 22:03:46 EDT 2008

Lousiana Rebuilds <http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/>

Homeowner Workshops

There are several upcoming workshops designed to help homeowners rebuild and

A free homeowner renovation forum on October 18, sponsored by
LouisianaRebuilds.info, ACORN Housing, UNO-CHART, and the LSU Ag Center,
will focus on protecting your home from hazards such as hurricanes and
floods and avoiding and/or fighting contractor fraud. Find more information
here <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3483> .

The Rebuilding Information Station offers free weekly mini-seminars on
topics such as hurricane-resistance landscaping, hurricane protection for
windows and doors, and building and remodeling with recycled materials. Find
these workshops and more in our calendar
<http://louisianarebuilds.info/event/2008/10/08/month> .

Build Now

Build Now enables displaced New Orleans residents to return to new,
high-quality, elevated homes, site-built on their property. Build Now
provides an alternative to substantial renovations or modular homes by
designing and constructing site-built, elevated houses that reflect the
style and quality of traditional New Orleans architecture. Build Now also
offers regular workshops for homeowners and future homeowners. Find out more
in our Homeowners section <http://louisianarebuilds.info/homeowners#rebuild>
under "Rebuild Your House"

Cut Costs

With gas and utility costs skyrocketing, it's important to cut costs in
order to save money.

Find tips on cutting food, gas, and electricity costs in Nola.com's "Dollar
Sense" section <http://www.nola.com/dollarsense/> .

See our Green Building <http://louisianarebuilds.info/homeowners#green>
section for information on a program that will replace your incandescent
bulbs with modern compact fluorescent lighting FREE of charge (each CFL will
save the user more than $45 over the life of the bulb) and information on
the Green Project, where you can cut renovation costs by purchasing
high-quality salvaged materials.

Upcoming Events

October 9: Free Rebuilding Mini-Seminar: Foundations for Houses in New
Orleans *two sessions* <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3477>

October 11: St. Claude Sankofa Community Marketplace

October 11: Free Rebuilding Mini-Seminar: Hurricane Resistant Landscaping

October 14: Free Rebuilding Mini-Seminar: Hurricane Protection for Windows
and Doors *Bring your lunch* <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3478>

October 14: Free Rebuilding Mini-Seminar: Building & Remodeling with
Recylced Materials *two sessions* <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3474>

October 14: Master Plan Forum: Yes or No - A Master Plan with the Force of
Law <http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/node/3471>

October 15: Citizen's Road Home Action Team Meeting

October 16: Staying Afloat: How to Improve your Financial Health & Qualify
for a Mortgage <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3482>

October 18: Homeowner Workshop: Contractor Fraud and Hazard Mitigation

October 21: Free Rebuilding Mini-Seminar: Hurricane Protection for Windows
and Doors *Bring your lunch* <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3479>

October 21: Free Rebuilding Mini-Seminar: Hurricane Resistant Roofing *two
sessions* <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3475>

October 28: Free Rebuilding Mini-Seminar: Insulation Choices for New Orleans
Homes *two sessions* <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3476>

October 30: Free Rebuilding Mini-Seminar: Photovoltaic and Solar Water
Heating Systems *two sessions* <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3356>

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