[StBernard] Is McCain secretly doing better or are we just a dumb country?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 8 23:47:06 EDT 2008

Here is an email I sent to talk show host Sean Hannity. I'm wondering how
many other people caught this when it was televised after the second
presidential debate on Tuesday.

Dear Sean,

It is a pleasure to contact you with my question/comment and I'm wondering
if you caught this on CBS after the 2nd debate.

Katie Couric began going over a CBS News opinion poll results after the
debate. There was one intersting item she talked about regarding the
question "Is Barack Obama/John McCain prepared to be President?"

According to their poll, over 80% said McCain is preparded to be President,
where only about 50% thought Obama is prepared to be Presidnet.

What I find absolutey "screwy" with this is the same poll had Obama leading
in the race with about 54%. This could only mean there are people saying
they would vote for Obama to be our next President but do not think he is
prepared to be president. Do the math!

Sean, did you catch this? I'd love for you to look into this. Could this
mean people are possibly lying to pollsters (when they are actually going to
support McCain)? Or are we just the dumbest electorate in history?

God Bless you, keep up the great work!

John Scurich
Lacombe, Louisinana

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