[StBernard] Reminder about the Katrina Monument Rededication

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Oct 10 21:13:00 EDT 2008

St. Bernard Parish to rededicate the Katrina Monument on Saturday, Oct. 11

Service on the storm's anniversary cancelled because of Hurricane Gustav

St. Bernard Parish will hold a brief rededication ceremony Saturday, Oct. 11
at 8:30 a.m. to mark the updated monument honoring the victims of Hurricane
Katrina at Shell Beach. The event that was to be held on the anniversary on
Aug. 29 had to be postponed because of the impending threat of Hurricane

However, Parish President Craig P. Taffaro Jr. said it would be respectful
to hold a small event to remember the victims and to have a public viewing
at the Shell Beach memorial site on the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. It
now has a black granite face with 164 names of St. Bernard Parish victims
Hurricane Katrina who died as a result of the storm, whether it was during
the actual event or because of the evacuation.

The newly engraved and corrected monument includes about 20 more names and
corrected spellings for several of the initially listed victims. A few names
were removed because the people originally were listed as missing, but they
indeed survived.

Since Taffaro began the effort to update the monument in early 2008,
relatives of victims called to provide death certificates to prove their
loved ones should be added. Also, Coroner Bryan Bertucci provided a list
from a combination of sources updated since the initial monument was erected
for the first anniversary in 2006. Unified Recovery Group, the parish
contractor for demolition and debris removal, funded the costs of updating
the monument.

The theme of this year's anniversary events has been to focus on the
community's spirit and the ongoing recovery.

The list of the names of the victims as they appear on the memorial is as
Bertha Acosta

Hollis Alford

Angela Alviar

Evelyn Ancar

Douglas Arceneaux

Betty Arceneaux

Joseph Banks

Lillian Banta

Walter Barcellona

Carmen Bennett

Lucille Besnard

Sarah Bosarge

Eugenie Boyle

Eunice Breaux

Joseph Brossette

Thomas Burke

Evelyn Burns

Benny Butler Jr.

Leroy Butler

Robert J. Caire

Frank Chambers

Charles Chauppetta

Harold Cordes

Walter Cosse

Adele Cousins

Ned Couvillion

Frances Cox

Irene Daigle

Mary Darsam

Rosemary Davis

Robert Delafosse

Zerelda Delatte

Alan Delaune

Jane Denley

Agnes Depascual

Rita Drury

Guiomar Duarte

Edward "Pete" Dugas

Harrison A. Duhon

Loveless Dupuy

Patsy Eaton

Mary Ellis

Russell Embry

Joan Emerson

Helen Fahrenholtz

Ervin Farzande

John Farzande

Maxine Frischhertz

Joyce Fonseca

Brenda Fontaintte

Charles Gagliano

Shirley Gagliano

Arthur Galatas

Tufanio Gallodoro

Mario Gardener

Catherene Godwin

Thelma Godwin

Mary Gourges

Rita Green

William Gregg

George Grunik

Ura Gurtner

Shirley Hartdegen

Wilbur A. Hebert, Jr.

Rosemary Herndon

Dorothy Hingle

George Huard

Alice Hutzler

Myrtle Jackson

Virginia James

Georgia Jenkins

Joseph Jenkins

Mabel Johnson

Josephine Johnson

Vicki Jordan

Mertha Kaminsky

John Kessner

Iris Knight

Mildred Kramer

Edith Krennerich

Harold Kurz

Laura Lae

Helen Larre

Mary Labat

Gladys Leblanc

Mary Lind

Dominique Liuzza

Oralie Lobre

Todd J. Lopez

Shirley Lott

Harry Louros

Peggy Mahaney

Joseph Major

William Manson

Shirley Mares

August Martinolich

Joyce McGuire

Lucille Melerine

Shirley Meyer

Earl Meyer

Helen Meyer

Arthur Miller

Helen Montalbano

Lauretta Morales

Curtis Morrow

Stephen Mosgrove

Matthew Muhoberac, Jr.

Joel C. Mumphrey

Frances Navis

Denise Newman

William Noote

Janet Parker

Carol Parr

Norman Parr

Gregory Patrolia

Richard Patrolia

Helen Perret

Rosemary Pino

Emile Poissenot

Glenn Rambo

Gladys Randall

Janet Rashkin

Richard Reysack

Rufus Rivers

Rebecca Roark

Lynda Robin

Eva Rodrigue

Elizabeth Ross

Bernice Robino

John Russell

Georgia Ryan

Van Ryan

Darlene Saia

Antonia Sanfilippo

Rosemary Savoie

Anna Schielder

Dolores Schiro

Cynthia Schiro

Jake Schiro Jr.

Henry Seifker

David Selbe

Mary Simpson

Louise Sires

Matthew Smallwood

Freddie Smith

Carole Spano

Robert Spinks

Henry Stafford Sr.

Marion Stearns

John Sullivan

Alvin Swan

Dorothy Taguino

Charlie Taylor

Michael Thomason

Donna Thomopolous

George Torrence

Mary Ann Trentecosta

Anna Marie Urquhart

Almeda Verret

Inez Vidrios

Mary Wagner

Thelma Wall

Lawrence Williams

Gloria Young

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