[StBernard] Film Commission looking for a sound stage location

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Oct 10 22:22:33 EDT 2008

preferably by which body of water?

20 acres seems like a lot of land. how many acres is the old Schwegmann
shopping block on Judge Perez?


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St. Bernard Parish Film Commission needs help getting a local location for a
Hollywood production company

Company looking for 20 acres in St. Bernard to develop a sound stage

The St. Bernard Parish Film commission is looking for help to attract a
Hollywood production company that is searching for a sound stage location in
St. Bernard.

A sound stage is a soundproof, hangar-like structure, building or room, used
for the production of theatrical motion pictures and television shows. Many
feature films, such as Star Wars, Titanic, Lord of the Rings, and television
series, such as Friends, Two and a Half Men, House MD are composed in a
sound stage.

With Louisiana state government extending tax breaks to the movie and
television industries, production companies are flocking to Louisiana.
Imagination Movers, a Disney TV series filmed in Shreveport's sound stage,
will air on the Disney Channel in 2009.

Let's jump on board St. Bernard and help secure a sound stage in our parish,
which has the potential to create more than 100 new jobs and enable Nunez
Community College to offer an entertainment trade curriculum. The production
company is searching for 20 acres of land, preferably by the water.

If you or someone you know has land that meets this criteria, please contact
St. Bernard Parish Film Commission Chairman Ryan Fink at Rfink at sbpg.net or
650-1010 for additional information.


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