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Tue Oct 21 20:05:27 EDT 2008

The Coming Backlash
by Patrick J. Buchanan

As Americans render what Catholics call temporal judgment
on George Bush, are they aware of the radical course
correction they are about to make?

This center-right country is about to vastly strengthen a
liberal Congress whose approval rating is 10 percent and
implant in Washington a regime further to the left than
any in U.S. history. Consider.

As of today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco
Democrat, anticipates gains of 15-30 seats. Sen. Harry
Reid, whose partisanship grates even on many in his own
party, may see his caucus expand to a filibuster-proof
majority where he can ignore Republican dissent.

Headed for the White House is the most left-wing member of
the Senate, according to the National Journal. To the vice
president's mansion is headed Joe Biden, third most liberal
as ranked by the National Journal, ahead of No. 4, Vermont
Socialist Bernie Sanders.

What will this mean to America? An administration that is
either at war with its base or at war with the nation.

America may desperately desire to close the book on the
Bush presidency. Yet there is, as of now, no hard evidence
it has embraced Obama, his ideology, or agenda. Indeed,
his campaign testifies, by its policy shifts, that it is
fully aware the nation is still resisting the idea of an
Obama presidency.

In the later primaries, even as a panicked media were
demanding that Hillary drop out of the race, she
consistently routed Obama in Ohio and Pennsylvania and
crushed him in West Virginia and Kentucky.

By April and May, the Democratic Party was manifesting
all the symptoms of buyer's remorse over how it had voted
in January and February.

Obama's convention put him eight points up. But, as soon
as America heard Sarah Palin in St. Paul, the Republicans
shot up 10 points and seemed headed for victory.

What brought about the Obama-Biden resurgence was nothing
Obama and Biden did, but the mid-September crash of Fannie,
Freddie, Lehman Brothers, AIG, the stock market, where
$4 trillion was wiped out, the $700 billion bailout of
Wall Street that enraged Middle America -- and John
McCain's classically inept handling of the crisis.

In short, Obama has still not closed the sale. Every time
America takes a second look at him, it has second thoughts,
and backs away.

Even after the media have mocked and pilloried Palin and
ceded Obama and Biden victory in all four debates, the
nation, according to Gallup, is slowly moving back toward
the Republican ticket.

Moreover, Obama knows Middle America harbors deep
suspicions of him. Thus, he has jettisoned the rhetoric
about the "fierce urgency of now," and "We are the people
we've been waiting for," even as he has jettisoned position
after position to make himself acceptable.

His "flip-flops" testify most convincingly to the fact
that Obama knows that where he comes from is far outside
the American mainstream. For what are flip-flops other
than concessions that a position is untenable and must
be abandoned?

Flip-flopping reveals the prime meridian of presidential
politics. If an analyst will collate all the positions to
which all the candidates move, he will find himself close
to the true center of national politics.

Thus, though he is the nominee of a party that is in
thrall to the environmental movement, Obama has signaled
conditional support for offshore drilling and pumping out
of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

While holding to his pledge for a pullout of combat
brigades from Iraq in 16 months, he has talked of
"refining" his position and of a residual U.S. force
to train the Iraqi Army and deal with Al Qaeda.

On Afghanistan, he has called for 10,000 more troops and
U.S. strikes in Pakistan to kill Bin Laden, even without
prior notice or the permission of the Pakistani government.

Since securing the nomination, Obama has adopted the Scalia
position on the death penalty for child rape and the right
to keep a handgun in the home. He voted to give the
telecoms immunity from prosecution for colluding in Bush
wiretaps. This onetime sympathizer of the Palestinians now
does a passable imitation of Ariel Sharon.

No Democrat has ever come out of the far left of his party
to win the presidency. McGovern, the furthest left, stayed
true to his convictions and lost 49 states.

Obama has chosen another course. Though he comes out of
the McGovern-Jesse Jackson left, he has shed past positions
like support for partial birth abortion as fast as he has
shed past associations, from William Ayers to ACORN, from
the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to his fellow parishioners at
Trinity United.

One question remains: Will a President Obama, with his
party in absolute control of both Houses, revert to the
politics and policies of the Left that brought him the
nomination, or resist his ex-comrades' demands that he
seize the hour and impose the agenda ACORN, Ayers, Jesse,
and Wright have long dreamed of?

Whichever way he decides, he will be at war with them,
or at war with us. If Barack wins, a backlash is coming.

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