[StBernard] Obama "crawfishing" already?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Oct 30 08:22:41 EDT 2008

Let me take everybody on a trip back into time. It's the first Tuesday of
November in 1992, it's late evening, I'm at a friend's home watching Bill
Clinton make his acceptance speech after defeating President Bush. Into his
speech Clinton starts saying..."we might not be able to accomplish
everything we set out to do, but we will always give it a good fight." As
Clinton goes on with this, Mark (my friend and who voted for Clinton - I
didn't) jumps up and says "I can't believe this no good bastard. He's not
elected but two hours and he's already crawfishing on his campaign
promises." I laughed and said "Mark, are you really surprised by this -
that he told you what he had to just to get elected and now he's covering
his ass?"

Now, turn the clock back forward to tonight, October 29, 2008. Barack
Obama, who many political observers have been saying for a long time is
using a campaign strategy right out of the Clinton play book, buys a
half-hour time slot on major tv networks. During his speech, he tells the
audience "I might not be a perfect president, but I will always tell you
what I think and...yatta, yatta, yatta."

Upon hearing these words I could only think of my friend Mark back in 1992.
I thought, "My God, at least Bill Clinton waited till a few hours after he
got elected to start crawfishing, but Obama's got him beat...he's
crawfishing and we're still 6 days away from the election. He's beaten
Slick Willy by a whole six days - man, that's impressive."

A "true" leader NEVER talks of defeatism or possible failure. There's
always plenty of time to explain that if and when it happens. If you don't
believe me, go to the library and check out "any" book on developing
leadership skills.

Whew, if the people of this country don't recognize this clown for the used
car salesman that he is, then there is little hope. I can only hope between
now and election day there are a lot of Mark's out there who heard Obama's
speech and picked up on his "preparing for failure" comment. What a wuss!

John Scurich

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