[StBernard] For the record...I told you so!

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Nov 6 23:44:20 EST 2008


For the record, I don't know if anyone here, particularly Obama supporters,
remember what I said months back would happen in the stock market the day
after an Obama win. I specifically said you might see the biggest drop in
the stock martet over the past 30 years, proving what American and foreign
investors thought how an Obama presidency would cripple the American economy
and impact the world economy.

So, what's happened in the 48 hours since the Messiah won? The Dow had its
biggest two-day decline in its history. Oh, but John the Dow was already
doing bad, right? No, after McCain started coming back in the polls last
week, the Dow had come back to have two of its best days - one day was its
second higest climb ever. That rise (and market enthusiasm) followed all
the way thru election day Tuesday. Then, reality happened - after an Obama
victory. And what many Obama supporters don't realize is most of their
401Ks and retirement systems are heavily tied into the Dow and other
markets. In fact, the Futures market took one of its biggest nose dives
yesterday and continued thru today.

Some Democratic committee chairmen in the House and Senate are already
talking about taxing retirement plans. We don't need to worry about that.
Hell, by the time Obama is finished destroying the stock market we won't
have anything left in our retirements to tax.

Way to go America, you just sent a loud message to the entire world just how
stupid we are. Clinton strategist James Carville once said the way how
voters vote..."it's the economy, stupid." Well, Carville is obviously wrong
here...because the way how America voted shows people don't care if they
destroy their own retirements and other investments. No, James, it's not
the economy stupid, "it's stupidity, stupid!"

John Scurich

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