[StBernard] Check out these Palm Springs, CA gays

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Nov 14 20:15:49 EST 2008

This is an outrage! Watch these angry, militant and VIOLENT homosexual
protestors out in California attacking 3 old people. I agree with the
previous email that this should be a wake-up call to the rest of the 99.9%
of Americans who are not homosexual. All I can say is those homosexuals
should feel extremely fortunate I wasn't with the old folks who were opposed
to Proposition 8. Let's just say I wouldn't have been quite as "passive" as
the old folks. Had one of the homosexuals tried to pull it out of my hands
it would have ended up in a very unfortunately place for him...let's just
say he would have gotten my point.

John Scurich


Watch this video <http://www.ouramericanvalues.org/mediaVideo.php> . See how
one elderly woman stood up for traditional marriage, and watch the reaction
of the "tolerant" pro-gay marriage mob. What you will see is disgusting and
outrageous. A line has been crossed. This video should put to rest the
illusion of "tolerance" that the Left hides behind, and it should be a
wake-up call to anyone who supports traditional values. This 69-year-old
lady was verbally and physically assaulted. The cross she was carrying was
ripped from her hands, stomped on and destroyed. Yet, the news broadcaster
says at the end, "There's a lot of hate on both sides." What was he
watching? I saw a mob of intolerant, hateful men attack an old lady.

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