[StBernard] Check out these Palm Springs, CA gays

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Nov 14 21:47:49 EST 2008

"This is an outrage! Watch these angry, militant and VIOLENT homosexual
protestors out in California attacking 3 old people. I agree with the
previous email that this should be a wake-up call to the rest of the 99.9%
of Americans who are not homosexual. All I can say is those homosexuals
should feel extremely fortunate I wasn't with the old folks who were opposed
to Proposition 8. Let's just say I wouldn't have been quite as "passive" as
the old folks. Had one of the homosexuals tried to pull it out of my hands
it would have ended up in a very unfortunately place for him...let's just
say he would have gotten my point. John Scurich"

Jerry Responds:

Yep. The only thing worse than an angry, militant and violent HOMOsexual
protestor from California are those from Massachusetts and Connecticut.
<smile>. Seriously, though, the entire northeast, from Maine to New York and
beyond will fall like dominoes as HOMOsexual practices are held. State
sponsored blasphemy against HIS will condemn America if not checked.

I'm monolithic, but then again isn't it as true for God and God's word? Some
say the Lord's mentality is as "old as dirt".

Therefore the truth statement: Either God is wrong or HOMOsexuals and their
cults are wrong.

I choose Providence. Long live the Lord and his command that perverseness is
damned and to those who sponsor and support such deviant activity. How many
of the readers here believe that God is wrong?

What we need now is a 200 million man (and woman march) on Washington.
Unfortunately, only those who can afford such a trip are rich, and powerful
or the Follywood crowd to change America into "flaming Gasbians".

Therefore, it's either "straight to the gate of St. Peter" or Straight to
Hades for direct disobedience of God's laws (sinning and not repenting).

Seems that Pro-Choice now takes on a more universal meaning besides
baby-mauling. It's meant to include love of HOMOsexuality also.


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