[StBernard] There is No Capitalism Without Capital

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Nov 15 08:38:49 EST 2008

"What famous Louisiana Democrat politician said "there is no capitalism
without capital"? Can you guess without reading the article?
There is No Capitalism Without Capital--Westley"

Jer Responds: Firstly, Westley, I agree with one part of this article:
Conservatives aren't conservative ENOUGH in their bonding together,
implementation and ideology. Is this the neo-conservativism that we hear
about, realizing children are being brainwashed from kindergarten (actually
within da womb, with liberal men and women teaching their children how to be
extremist liberals from the books they read to da child before birth, to
their birth, childhood and then into school/college/adulthood where the
liberal colleges expound upon concepts of socialism and agnostics, science
and atheism. They're indoctrinated "big-time" with the garbage
in-garbage-out mentality).

I agree that conservatives have to cling to their God, their
moral-righteousness over evil (and they in turn, must do the practicing they
preach), and their loyalty/patriotism to their love of country. Less
government (yet, someday they will not only what you have physically in
property, they will get into your mind, spirituality and ideology). Less
government and taxes then will be the core values of the party which some
call GOP - the "Government in Power" but also, the Government of the

I've studied Huey Long, so for me, this quiz was easy. However well-loved
Huey was to the poor people, he was a socialist at heart and a capital out
of this wallet. Giving away/establishing the free-textbooks, and promoting
free education in the public school tradition, and his idea of "Share the
Wealth" as we've heard so frequently in the O'Blam-mah campaign but to his
jingle and mantra, "every man a king", is a socialist concept. To the
ravaged south (Louisiana in general) from the civil war up unto The Great
Depression, we've faced poverty inflicted upon us, not because we believed
in the solid south of plantations and agriculture (cotton, sugar cane,
etc.), but because we lost that war. Whether millions upon millions were
right or wrong in their approach to the civil war causes, it was the yanks
(aka, da north) that raped and pillaged the south from Virginia to Atlanta's
burnings, to the carpetbaggers that brought disgrace to da south and its

Stripping da wealth towards poverty here and in da south, we were not unlike
the Germans who were ultimately embarrassed, shamed, ridiculed and forced to
repay reparations to countries it faced. Once down, and kicked, it fought
back to a point it established the evil that shamed the world: Nazism, with
a race sought to be eliminated in its justification for payback. The result?
Ethnic cleansing. Thus the south also changed its face as it fought back
with resistance. Hence, the KKK to counter what it believed was needed to
halt government interference into people's lives. Then the Black Panthers
and NAACP followed consequently to have its own version of hate. No matter
how a government paints organizations that allows race preferential over any
other, its racism (in some cases, reverse racism). Quotas and Affirmative
action are as racist (in the name of justice) as the KKK promoting one race
in superiority over another--Even if it is government-backed. All are wrong
and we'll see a lot more of it by extremist on both sides once O-Blah-Dee is
in office.

Yes, conservatives need to go back to da drawing board to solidify their
cause for the American people. The country just cannot stand four, much less
eight years of converting government to socialism for which, we'll bring
back the middle ages, politically--A king in charge of how he believes a
person should think, live and worship.

Lastly, regarding the $700 Billion bailout. Many believe it was a necessary
evil of either having the government and economy collapse. Either political
party would have made the choice to save the capitalism system (the horrific
result brought downward to a level that hoards would firmly accept the
concept of "revolution" to meet its cause. Historically we studied this
occurrance through the eyes of the Russian and French Revolution(s) that
brought 95% of the people to its knees economically. Many felt that there
was no alternative but to revolt against its governments and change systems
from monarchy to anarchy and disarray, chaos and bloodshed. Our own country
realized this as well when it wrote within its Declaration of Independence:
" Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the
consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes
destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to
abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such
principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem
most likely to effect ([sic]-affect) their Safety and Happiness."

Yes, we worry about where many conservatives believe our country is headed
politically. We'll know as soon as "the near future".


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