[StBernard] Tuesday's 11AM council meeting

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Sun Dec 14 14:45:01 EST 2008

also on Tuesday's 11AM council agenda
December 16, 2008

Introduction of Ordinance
Item # 41. Summary No. 2271 Introduced By: Lauga
An ordinance to amend Chapter 22, Zoning, Sec. 22-4 (District and land-use
regulations) and Sec.
22-5-7 (planned unit developments) (PUD) in the St. Bernard Parish Code of
The Draft MultiFamily landuse regulation proposed change can be read at this

This is the zoning updates to the code of ordinances referred to in the
moratorium on Multiple-Family Housing Developments
Agenda 9/16/08 item #41
Summary No. 2215
Introduced by: Councilman Lauga on 8/19/08
EFC recommended APPROVAL on 9/10/08
Public Hearing held on 9/16/08
An ordinance placing a moratorium on all R-3, (Multiple-Family
Residential), and/or any housing developments with five (5) or more units
until such time as the Council approves these structures in the zoning
updates to the St. Bernard Parish Code of Ordinances.


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