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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Dec 28 22:48:00 EST 2008

this parish will be the 2nd new orleans in 6-12 months


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"Christmas Cash Back event a huge success??"

Jerry Responds:

Can someone please addre
ss to me how 100 people buying in St. Bernard Parish
can justify the event as being a "huge" success. Without doubt this is a
huge failure. Considering the fact that a parish tally of citizens residing
in da Parish (according to government sources, there exists 33-40,000
people. To justify this event, one would assume a minimum of "rock-bottom"
10% of the entire sales of goods or services. (and by most observing this,
would consider less than 25% (or 10,000 citizens) as being any degree of

Please do not attempt to dupe the general public into slanted public
relations to readers as this being a successful venture. If there were 1000
residents that would be 10% and a dismal failure.

St. Bernard Parish without most certainly needs:

a. better public relations than a propaganda machine where truth is
paramount over fictional accounting or lying to the populace. AT least
telling the truth would be preferable to a spin machine aimed at more gross,
systematic misinformation than Frosty the Snowman being a realistic entity.

b. Honesty is the best policy. Who are we trying to prove good intentions?
The Feds will have a more reliable set of numbers and info from their census
in 2010. Certainly, it's not aimed at padding the numbers to get more
federal aid.

c. Since when are St. Bernardians (past, present and future) ignorant and
gravely stupid? I've never seen a more observant, realistically and
good-to-heart bunch of cit
izens than from our homeland. They know fact from
fiction, good from bad and bull$h&t from truth.

Yes, the venture was admirable to get patrons and citizens to shop in St.
Bernard (and/or give them something to do). However, please keep the spin
isolated to that of parish wheels during a pre-Christmas snowfall!

Please put parish minds together next time and make it happen for the poor
and dedicated folks who have made a brave choice to get not only St. Bernard
back on its feet--but to create a more vibrant and successful community than
it has thus far. Remember, good is not enough--it has to be great and a
leader in Southeast Louisiana. It HAS to if it expects to survive properly.
Remember the enthusiasm after the storm to rebuild, to re-invent, to make
things even better than it was at the storm's aftermath/before Katrina?
Dreaming is more than just waking up from a dream state. It is becoming a
reality with such ideas and love of motherland that results in fruition. It
must happen.

Remember 100 receipts represents ".04" or 4/100 of 1 percent or hardly
participation at all. I don't have the answers but surely, the best minds in
da Parish need convincing of their own to convince shoppers what is needed
for success. Thus far, no one has stepped up to stimulate not only parish
economy but the movers and shakers needed to lead da parish past these past
4 years.


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