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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 27 09:51:54 EST 2009

"I believe the standard for evil in the world is something much worse than

Jer Responds: In my faith, sins are appraised by the degree of evil. Ie.
Murder is much more a grievous sin than stealing. Stealing is a greater sin
than homosexuality. Homosexuality is a greater sin than lying. Lying is
greater than ...etc.

God loves everyone. However, the whole foundation of sinners redemption is
to repent. Unless one repents for the sin, he/she cannot enter the kingdom
of heaven until purged of the venial or lesser sin. Hence, my/our believe in
purgatory (whatever one's faith has named the refuge from Hell until
cleansing and full graces are restored for Heaven's Gate.

We love our enemies and not the sin. If the sin is NOT repented, we assume
God's knowledge of good and evil (hence Adam and Eve's minds were revealed
to be able to determine/judge good from evil) was engrained in ourselves
from the first Original sin (first was disobedience of Eve, than Adam
regarding it and removal from Paradise into a sinful earth.

People's interpretation of the Bible, commandments, or hold words are
revealed to us inspirationally. We have the power of free will as to whether
we sin or stay in God's grace. If one sees/hears evil, one should avoid it
at all cost. For humankind to reshape sin into a pastime, hobby,
entertainment, standard, etc. is bending God's will into man's desire.

We cannot think we can be less strict of God's commandments. Attempting to
change what is ordained by God is setting one's foot into Hades in a way
that the Lord says he will come to judge the living and the dead. If we
believe God's word, we KNOW what is good and evil. There is no alteration,
reestablishment of or re-defining His intent.

Yes, I'm a strict constructionist of the Lord's word and His Grand Plan.
Anything else is appeasement of the masses toward the few whose minds are
scooped into a bottomless pit of damnation.

Religion is approached from so many angles since the reformation in the 15th
century (schism from the Catholic Church to Protestantism, etc.). God never
changes, but man's interpretation, loosing of morals, dissent/disapproval of
God's laws toward evil should never be compromised to suit a whim or that
Science has precedence over the Almighty which teaches when you die, you're
dirt and fossil forever. Geez, who wants to play in the dirt and mud

Remember the Trinity? Since, I'm Catholic, I believe God the Father
established the universe, Jesus gave us hope and the Holy Spirit keeps us in
grace. None of the Trinity is greater than the whole. The God we know and
love is ONE. When we die in Jesus name, God knows we accept His will and
sends us the Holy Ghost to place us in a sinful state after repentance.

Regarding Ellen and others, one cannot hope to enter the Kingdom of God
without repentance. I don't expect her or others (adulterers, Murderers,
rapists, thieves to be outlawed from paradise without feeling grief and pain
for the sorrow caused our Maker. Dying with grievous sin has no chance.
Lesser sins need cleansing. However, on Judgment Day and at the Rapture, all
bets are off. You stand before God in glory or you do so in the darkness

Evil is not goodness and vice versa. Good is not bad and therefore God is
not Satan. They're not friends.

God shows us goodness and evil. My being tells me when something is wrong or
right. Changing this divine concept is worse than playing with fire--it's
living engulfed in it eternally.

Therefore, I choose to accept God's will and absolutely not Ellen's (etc.)
will and bad choice. Who but the evil does accept the devil's will and
ignore what it takes to please the Lord.

I don't have all the answers, but if God has inspired me to know right from
wrong, I accept his will. For yes, God loves the sinner and wishes them to
repent before Hades becomes the alternative and resting place for those who
sin in the sight of the Almighty. I don't care how much Hollywood "idols"
make contributions to the poor. Attempting to buy Heaven has been tried by
those greater than Ellen--and those yet to come. If Ellen would announce
that she has abandoned her lifestyle and turned to God and HIS WILL, I would
embrace her and wipe her tears, knowing her sins would be forgiven by God
and likewise, that's good enough for me as this is the standard that is
embraced by those of our Supreme Being.


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