[StBernard] Destiny and triumph? Destroy White people?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Mar 18 09:11:49 EDT 2009

This was aired on C-Span and spread around the world through YouTube and
other avenues for embracement of its ideology (or condemnation by some
cultures). We haven't seen it in the papers or the news with great
repulsion, but first aired on the channel that brings to you Senate and
Congressional hearings. The liberal media would have jumped all over this
story had it been a "white-on-black" statement. True?

I can remember 10 years ago seen the "honorable" Louis Farrakhan do his
hate-monger speech in his diatribe about blaming whites for all their
problems and the elimination of which he believes will follow at some point,
then he came up with the "million man march" to rile up his comrades in arms
as the end to that means.

If anyone believes many follow this ideology today (or yester-year) take a
listen for the next couple of minutes.

Where's the outrage, then and now? Things have certainly escalated since
2005, huh? How could speakers like these and other radicals be given free
movement to speak such garbage when one word gets worldwide attention if

We should pray for peace, (but expect anything in this horrific climate of
which we're now been placed at this point in time). God spare our future.


Other supporting jibs and jabs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN5StQAr7n0


"I organized the Pro-Black Media Forum where Dr. Kamau Kambon made the
comments about exterminating all whites while on CSPAN," Opio Sokoni
explained to WND. "No one could have ever known that this former North
Carolina State University professor would go off the cuff and make such
immoral and unproductive remarks ." --Opio Sokoni

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