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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Apr 8 08:07:06 EDT 2009

Hey John,

I should say I was trying to be a little funny with the story about the new
Lacoste school and the million dollar oak tree...but it is the truth. I'll
admit I laughed when my contact told me about it - he was laughing while
telling me.

Like you, I don't mind being a little modern when it comes to design,
provided it doesn't add anymore cost. I really don't care if a building
looks a bit old fashioned on the outside provided the inside is equipped
with all the latest technology. A good example of this would be the new
Hannan High School in Covington. I find it to be an attractive design but
it's not going to win any awards from Architectural Digest, but I hear the
school has a very efficient layout and is equipped with all the latest tech

Like you I want us to have the best, but not have to spend a penny more than
necessary. But I have to admit, never again will there ever be a time I
pass in front of Lacoste School and not look at that oak tree.

I'm thinking about getting some sort of mock up of a sheep's coat and spray
paint it in glitter gold. Then wrap it around the base of the tree with a
sign below reading "Here stands the rare Golden Fleece Oak that took FEMA
for $1.5 million." I'm thinking the late William Proxmire would approve.


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John S.

I never thought about it from that angle. Thanks for enlighting me.
Personally, I saw nothing what-so-ever wrong with the Lacoste School
structure other than it was "dated", the same as Chalmette High was today
and when I walked in the doors in 1966. I could be why off base but I
suspect that since federal dollars were (are) being spent to built the new
school, why not have the latest and greatest? It will be an impressive
structure once finished, but I sure wish they would have followed the
original plan to add the elevated walk-way between the two buildings and
used the money for another school (if that option was available).

John R

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