[StBernard] another feather for God

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Apr 8 10:01:51 EDT 2009

St. Bernard is screwed up from top to bottom. We rebuilt our house not to
sell but to live in meaning we put just about the best of everything but the
parish has gotten so sad we have it up for sale. And people thought Junior
was bad what a joke

Gene b.

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All my trips to the complex didn't do any good~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here's another family ran out of the parish ~
The grass was cut Saturday & edged ~ on the sidewalk they had (NO ATVO) ~
So I went to the complex Monday morning ~ I asked the receptionist @ the
front desk did she know what this meant.
I went to her because on Thursday Ms. Lara from Taffaro's office sent me
down to that office to give another young lady information about the apron
STILL being off the property. Also about our corner still all busted up
since Katrina, this wasn't the first time I complained about it.
So the lady Monday called several different people to try to find out what
this meant ~ she took my name & phone #, she said she would call me back as
soon as she found out what it meant. I asked if I should go upstairs to
Taffaro's office / she said she would find out. Needless to say 7:40 AM
Tuesday morning I passed to find the house half gone. I went to the
complex, she wasn't there yet. I waited a while then I went back, she was
there. The first thing she said was I'm still trying to find out what those
letters mean. I told her they meant they were knocking the house down ~
needless to say I was extremely mad, on the scale from 1-10 I'm 1Billion.
She called for me to come back, I kept going because I would be in jail
instead of typing this. I'm now at 1 Trillion~
I just typed everything that has happened for the past 3 years, but erased
it. Really don't believe anyone gives a doodoo~they have illegal family that
will take the place of the family that can't return now.
I believe I have to give my papers & pictures to people that are higher up.
I wish for**** Taffaro & his family all the grief & heartache he has given
me~for eternity.The last of my mud slinging / that's if it is sent out. I
have found a better source

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