[StBernard] Outrage over Arlen Specter

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Apr 29 08:03:52 EDT 2009

I hope Arlen Specter's party change outrages you. It should for two reasons:

First--Specter claimed it was philosophical--and pointed his finger of blame
at Republicans all over America for his defection to the Democrats. He told
us all to go jump in the lake today.

I'm sorry, but I don't believe a word he said.

Arlen Specter committed a purely political and self-serving act today. He
simply believes he has a better chance of saving his political hide and his
job as a Democrat. He loves the title of Senator more than he loves the
party--and the principles--that elected him and nurtured him.

Second--and more importantly--Arlen Specter handed Barack Obama and his band
of radical leftists nearly absolute power in the United States Senate. In
leaving the Republican Party--and joining the Democrats--he absolutely
undercut Republicans' efforts to slow down Obama's radical agenda through
the threat of filibuster.

Facing defeat in Pennsylvania's 2010 Republican primary due to his left-wing
voting record, and an end to his 30 year career in the U.S. Senate, he has
peddled his services--and his vote--to the leftist Obama Democrats who aim
to remake America with their leftist plan.

As recently as April 9th, Senator Specter said he would run in the
Pennsylvania primary next year as a Republican. Why the sudden change of
heart? Clearly, this was an act based on political expediency by a craven
politician desperate to keep his Washington power base--not the act of a

His defection to the Democrat Party puts the Democrats in an almost
unstoppable position to pass Obama's destructive agenda of income
redistribution, health care nationalization, and a massive expansion of

Arlen Specter has put his loyalty to his own political career above his duty
to his state and nation.

You and I have a choice. Some will use Specter's defection as an excuse to
fold the tent and give up. I believe that you are not one of those people.
When Benedict Arnold defected to the British, George Washington didn't fold
the tent and give up either.

He grit his teeth more determined than ever to succeed. That's what I'm
asking you to do today.

Join me in this fight by making a secure online contribution of $25, $50,
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our army of supporters and defeat Democrat candidates like Arlen Specter in
next year's elections.

Stand with me. I need your support today.

Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee

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