[StBernard] Split the mailing list?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 3 08:22:19 EDT 2009

Richard and Deborah,

I too was very glad to get the info that this site has offered over the
years. Thank God I'm about 98% complete in my rebuild.

BUT, some of the other info now coming to light about the Health Care plan,
plans to do away with term limits for presidents, creations of czars,
changing this country into a socialist society, creation of a citizens
military stronger than out military, SHOULD SCARE THE HELL OUT OF EVERYONE.
Giving amnesty to illegal, giving health care to people who never paid
taxes. Short changing seniors on their medical coverage after they worked
their entire lives and paid taxes. Counseling seniors on assisted sucide,
what the hell is that about.

Are these the last days that my mother would tell me about, bless her soul.

Enough of my rambling-Lots to think about.

I hope Westley will allow this to post.


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