[StBernard] Strengthening Our Border Security and Reducing Illegal Immigration

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 3 21:03:33 EDT 2009

Dear Friend,

Illegal immigration remains an urgent issue facing our country, and I would
like to update you about some recent actions I've taken to confront this

Last month I coauthored and helped introduce the Secure America through
Verification and Enforcement Act, which would implement a three-point
approach to reducing illegal immigration based on the principle of
attrition through enforcement. This principle is based on the premise that
living illegally in the United States will become more difficult and less
satisfying over time when all levels of the government enforce the laws
already on the books.

The first part of the SAVE Act is focused on securing our borders. Under my
bill, we would hire 6,000 more Border Patrol agents to stop the flow of
illegal immigrants, and we would expand the use of new technology and
specialized enforcement programs such as the Tunnel Task Force.

The second part of the bill would help to end unlawful employment by
strengthening the highly successful Employment Verification Program, or
E-Verify. E-Verify has been shown to work 99.6 percent of the time - an
astounding success rate - and the SAVE Act would permanently reauthorize it
and require all employers to participate.

Finally, the SAVE Act would allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement to
employ more agents and would make grants available to local law enforcement
agencies. It would also help with the removal of illegal aliens by
expanding detention capacity and increasing the number of immigration
judges to process immigration cases.

I will continue fighting in the U.S. Senate for this and other measures to
secure our borders and reduce illegal immigration.

David Vitter
U.S. Senator

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