[StBernard] Half a Million Dollars

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 11 11:48:44 EDT 2009

Half a million dollars. That’s what you, the Louisiana taxpayer, spent to send Congressman Charlie Melancon and his wife to Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and other exotic places according to an article in the Wall Street Journal <http://www.kintera.org/TR.asp?a=9nJGLUMpF5JFIZK&s=9nLDKLPoE9JGJQNtGoH&m=hrJJIUPEKhKZF> this past Saturday.

They went diving and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. They also rode a cable car through the Australian rain forest, visited a penguin rookery and enjoyed the New Years eve fireworks in New Zealand. This was all part of a taxpayer funded global warming trip.

President Obama's global warming and Climate Change bill will be brought up in the Senate next month. David doesn't need a taxpayer funded trip to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand to know that this bill is bad for Louisiana's economy. He will strongly oppose and offer amendments in an attempt to defeat the bill.

Thank you for your support.

Rich Lamb
Vitter Grassroots

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