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Tue Aug 11 20:56:01 EDT 2009

August 11, 2009

Bringing New Jobs and a World-Class Facility to Louisiana

Following a multitude of economic wins over the past year, which have, as
written by the Alexandria Town Talk
A%2bVgCJ7QcnjRaSGLK4lBzI%3d&digest=JV9%2fHvM5YYHWglaUAAx3Ug> , "injected
Louisiana into the dreams of everyone who toils in the competitive world of
economic development," we welcomed the announcement of ConAgra Foods Lame
Weston's new facility to Delhi last week. This is yet another example,
following the creation of new jobs by the V-Vehicle Company, the Shaw Group,
and others, of how our state continues to outperform the national economy.

The new $210 million state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly sweet potato
processing facility marks another huge victory for our state. As the Monroe
qW89aeIIQ%2bKX9ZxwC9YY%3d&digest=Jr2xfFLYIr662%2bNWX2olgA> wrote, "It will
become the largest private-sector employer in Richland Parish, one of the
top 10 in the region and one of the state's top companies." LSU has
estimated that ConAgra's new facility will bring more than $2 billion in new
economic output through 2005.

For decades now, we have seen the commodities produced in our state, from
crops to chemicals, shipped to other states for processing and then returned
to our state at a higher price. Now, we are creating jobs for our people and
keeping resources in state - showing that we are more than capable of
competing around the world.

The aggressive steps we have taken to ramp up our state's workforce
development programs, cut burdensome business taxes, and highlight the
unique qualities that make Louisiana the greatest place in the world. We
will continue to bring innovative and world-class facilities to our state,
as evidenced by Lamb Weston's President's quote in the News-Star
PI%3d&digest=NVC3GzFCPFoJLeWubf%2brgw> that, "This is not an average
facility. We're looking at it as a benchmark for where we will go in our
industry." Read More >

Activating Global Strike Command

I traveled to Barksdale Air Force Base last week to mark the activation of
the new Global Strike Command at the base. The command will unify the Air
Force's nuclear disarmament and global strike missions, and symbolizes the
military's commitment to Northwest Louisiana for years to come.

We took great steps to improve and invest in the area around the base,
including $107 million for transportation, facilities, and other
infrastructure projects to support increased activity at Barksdale. And as a
return on this investment, as KSLA
T0UzduvbsjNcNOhuRdc0dU%3d&digest=neE5vxiEqXpuNt0UgMImfw> reported, "Global
Strike.gives Northwest Louisiana a shot in its economic arm with nearly
1,000 direct jobs."

Barksdale is an important component of our state's economy, and we will
continue working to bring even more opportunities to the base. Louisiana has
had a strong conn ection with our armed forces for decades, be it at Fort
Polk, Federal City in New Orleans, or Barksdale, and this partnership will
continue to years to come. Read More >

Taking the Right Steps to Reforming our Health Care System

Over the past few months, Democrats in Washington, led the President, have
attempted to reform our health care system in a way that will just not work.
To create a government subsidized health plan would only ensure that, as I
wrote on Politico.com
UGkYsm%2byw%2bmKTFm0PTEvj4%3d&digest=eE9dlFtfnlRu%2fYjdi3Br0g> , "Businesses
will, in effect, be forced to send employees into the Democrats'
government-run health care."

This completely goes against the President's claims that if you like your
health care plan currently, you will not be forced to switch. It also raises
eyebrows here in Louisiana, as we have seen over the years how well federal
government run programs have worked following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
And also, the Congressional Budget Office has shown that the proposal will
not reduce government spending on health care, and will in fact
substantially increase our natio n's deficit even in the face of the
Democrat's proposed tax increases.

It is no secret that our nation's health care system needs significant
reform, but the current plan being pushed by Washington Democrats is not the
way to do so. For a fiscally sound, common sense approach to reforming our
health care system, I encourage you to read my bi-partisan plan in the Wall
Street Journal
kQJSuAVAn06xEb%2fnKYMq0k%3d&digest=Zgtji4iqYkxSZ1CDTPe47A> . Read More >

Honoring our Veterans

gNewJobs.jpg> Last week we handed out more than 660 Louisiana Veterans Honor
Medals at ceremonies in Opelousas, Leesville, Henderson, and Jennings. Our
veterans deserve he utmost honor and respect, and it gives me great honor to
present our veterans with these medals. As the Jennings Daily News
JEllpp%2f5he112YvUSS1Q%3d&digest=sBkxc1eKXdVR34fZm7UY%2fg> reported,
"Louisiana is only the second state to create such an honor for its

At the ceremonies we were able to honor veterans dating back to World War
II, and, as I said in the Lafayette Daily Advertiser
dbZjocTyGdz47jgR9m6%2f5w%3d&digest=1FdRlRe4rzK%2fvdgkZhiXxA> , "we must
always be thankful for the sacrifices they have made on behalf of us and our

We were also able to visit Bossier City, Natchitoches, Quitman, and
Slaughter as part of the Louisiana Working Tour last week. The tour
continues to provide a great avenue for spreading the word about our states
three main priorities, which, as reported in the Shreveport Times
mW59745IZ%2fIgIy17yHLsh0%3d&digest=VQOO38T0GRJPvzgkNhBgww> , are "jobs,
jobs, jobs." Read More >

Sincerely, Governor Bobby Jindal

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