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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Aug 12 19:08:17 EDT 2009

Healthcare Resources


The Daughters of Charity Health Centers offer inexpensive healthcare to residents of the greater New Orleans area. Medicaid, Medicare and commercial insurance are welcomed and a financial assistance program is available based on income and eligibility. Find this and other listings for open clinics, free or low cost health and dental care, prescription assistance programs, and other healthcare information in our Hospitals and Clinics <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsOkXOsWX> section. Find sources of assistance for seniors and people with disabilities in our Seniors <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsjvXOsWX> section. Find free and low cost mental health programs for kids and adults in our Mental Health <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsjsXOsWX> section.

Back to School Information


Parents can find New Orleans schools information including the Parents' Guide to Public Schools, school close-ups, maps, school contacts, and more in our Schools K-12 <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsjDXOsWX> section.

Find and Rate Contractors


Find and rate contractors working locally and help our community rebuild by getting the word out about good and bad contractors. Use our Contractor Rating System <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsjOXOsWX> (with over 500 local listings and ratings) to rate a contractor you've used or search for contractor reviews before you hire.

Upcoming Events


August 12-14: Code Enforcement Hearings: Blight Complaints to 311 <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsjjXOsWX>

August 15: Jefferson Parish Road Home Properties Auction <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsjWXOsWX>

August 18: Tips for Better Nutrition on a Tight Budget <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsjpXOsWX>

August 20: Build Now Talks: Putting the Pieces Together: Financing for New Construction After Hurricane Katrina <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsjYXOsWX>

August 20: Alliance for Affordable Energy: Solar power (photovoltaics) workshop <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsjaXOsWX>

August 23: Back to School Extravaganza and School Supply Giveaway <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsjkXOsWX>

August 27: Alliance for Affordable Energy: Energy Smart workshop <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXDDXsOvjXWjYpXsWvXOsWX>

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