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Hello Friend,

In our last meeting we had a member mention that he was aware of another
organization similar to that of AARP. After checking it out, he responded as

I researched the two associations below and found out that the American
Seniors Association is a conservative alternative association to AARP. Their
membership is $15.00 per year and if you send them your torn or cut up AARP
membership Card you will receive another year free. That's two years for the
price of one.

They offer members better choices to help with the following:

. Medicare

. Insurance

. Prescription Discounts

. Travel Services

. Auto Club

. Information on Where to Find the Facts

This association was established in 2005 and has grown tremendously in the
past two years, and now offers an extremely competitive benefit package when
compared to that of the AARP. Plus, unlike the AARP, they don't advocate for
every liberal big-government program and tax increase that comes along. They
want to represent the values of senior citizens to government. They do not
want to represent government's values to senior citizens.

The 60 Plus Association is mainly an advocacy group and does not offer any
other benefits, such as those offered in ASA (American Seniors Association).

Thought this might be of interest to many of our members.

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