[StBernard] Fighting for our Shrimpers

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Aug 26 18:59:02 EDT 2009

Dear Friends,

I recently sent a letter to federal officials in Washington, D.C., asking
them to investigate the possible illegal trading practices of foreign
countries that have driven down the prices our shrimpers are getting for
their work, which is causing our entire shrimping industry to struggle,
especially in this challenging national economy. As the New Orleans
.xml&coll=1> reported, the letter I sent to two federal agencies requested
"an investigation into potential unfair trade practices by foreign companies
that sell shrimp in the United States."

Louisiana shrimpers are right to call for action as they see pennies on the
dollar for work that's been their livelihood for generations. The importance
of Louisiana's shrimp fisheries is obvious - our shrimpers generate billions
of dollars, employ tens of thousands and are essential to the culture and
heritage of our coastal communities, and that's why it's so vital that we
continue to do everything in our power to make sure our shrimpers get a fair

The Louisiana Working Tour is also moving full steam ahead as we visited the
parishes of Concordia, Claiborne, Winn, and Catahoula last week to discuss
what we're doing everyday to grow jobs, strengthen the economy, and move
Louisiana forward.

I also had the privilege of meeting with and presenting awards to hundreds
of veterans in Reserve, Mansura, Monroe, Many, and Ruston to thank them for
their service to our great nation and their sacrifices to protect our
freedom. As the Monroe News-Star
sObl9XJUsCe3If%2b0C%2f%2bU%3d&digest=PmSVvJSc6pbjUZPbCMxaUQ> noted, we've
awarded "several thousand [medals] to date," and "it's never too late for us
to say thank you."

This week we're traveling the state to continue thanking our veterans and
making stops on the "Louisiana Working Tour" - so look out for an upcoming
event in your area, and I hope to see you there!


Governor Bobby Jindal

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