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Sat Sep 5 09:40:12 EDT 2009

Affordable Rentals


Louisiana Housing Search and the UNITY Housing Locator are two options for finding affordable rental properties. Search online for rentals or call toll free for operator-assistance with finding housing that fits your price range in your preferred area. Find these resources in our Renters Section <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjjjXOsWX> .

Blighted Property Information


You can report blighted property to the city by calling 311 from a land line or the Code Enforcement Department at 504-658-4300. The Code Enforcement section of the City's website includes information about code enforcement procedures. Find this information in our Local Services <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjjWXOsWX> section under "Litter, Blight, and Other Public Nuisances."

To find out about purchasing blighted properties, see our Buy a House <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjjpXOsWX> section under "Adjudicated/Blighted Property Programs."

Foreclosure Avoidance


Find tips for avoiding foreclosure, foreclosure counseling resources, and other resources for homeowners facing foreclosure in our Homeowners section <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjjYXOsWX> under "Foreclosure Avoidance."

On September 19th, the Metro New Orleans Homeownership Preservation Coalition will host a Homeownership Preservation Fair that will feature information on avoiding foreclosure. Find more information here <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjjaXOsWX> .

Rebuilding Assistance


Several organizations are helping homeowners rebuild with volunteer labor and donated materials. Find these organizations offering rebuilding assistance in our Homeowners section <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjjkXOsWX> under "Rebuild Your House."

Upcoming Events


September 4: GentillyFest Marketplace <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjWvXOsWX>

September 8: PRC Workshop: Harvesting Rainwater - Landscaping and Rain Gardens <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjWsXOsWX>

September 8: Harrison Avenue Marketplace <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjWDXOsWX>

September 9: LSBDC Seminar - QuickBooks for Beginners <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjWOXOsWX>

September 10: LSBDC Seminar - 5 Steps to Secure Financing <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjWjXOsWX>

September 11-12: 2nd Annual Louisiana Charter Schools Conference <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjWWXOsWX>

September 17: Build Now TALKS: How to Elevate Your Home - Information and Funding Sources for New and Existing Homes <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjWpXOsWX>

September 19: Homeownership Preservation Fair <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjWYXOsWX>

October 2-3: Rebuilding Together Local Build <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjWaXOsWX>

October 9-10: Rebuilding Together Local Build <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXOpXsOvjXWjYpXjWkXOsWX>

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