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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Sep 24 21:16:07 EDT 2009

Green Building and Weatherization


Build it Back Green, a service of Global Green, can help you rebuild your home in a healthier, more energy-efficient way, helping you to reduce monthly utility costs. Homeowners can call Global Green to learn how simple home modification upgrades can save up to 20% on utility bills. Find out about BIBG and other ways to build green in our Homeowners <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXjOXsOvjXWjYpXpDDXOsWX> section.

Contractor Rating System


Find and rate contractors working locally and help our community rebuild by getting the word out about good and bad contractors. Use our Contractor Rating System (with over 500 local listings and ratings) to rate a contractor you've used or search for contractor reviews before you hire. Find our Contractor Rating System and a wealth of information about hiring contractors in our Contractor Guide <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXjOXsOvjXWjYpXpDOXOsWX> .

Entergy Energy Efficiency Incentives


Entergy New Orleans encourages energy efficiency by providing rebates for ceiling insulation, wall insulation, air sealing, duct sealing, and high efficiency air conditioning and heat pumps in existing homes through its Residential Energy Solutions program. Find out more about this program and other tips for reducing utility bills by making your home more efficient in our Utilities <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXjOXsOvjXWjYpXpDjXOsWX> section.

Upcoming Events


September 25: Central City Partnership Community Meeting <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXjOXsOvjXWjYpXpDWXOsWX>

October 2-3: Rebuilding Together Local Build <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXjOXsOvjXWjYpXpDpXOsWX>

October 9-10: Rebuilding Together Local Build <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXjOXsOvjXWjYpXpDYXOsWX>

October 10-11: Gentilly Fest <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXjOXsOvjXWjYpXpDaXOsWX>

October 14: Harrison Avenue Marketplace <http://www.mailboto.com/cgi-bin/uls/uls.cgi?ako=DXjOXsOvjXWjYpXpDkXOsWX>

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