[StBernard] A Low-Income Housing Battle Reveals Post-Katrina Tensions

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Oct 4 10:27:37 EDT 2009

It would have been nice had Mr. Robertson himself mentioned (or bothered to
obtain) the number of vacancies in both separate houses and duplex
properties available in the parish that are already available for rent.

>"You know what it's going to bring," said Kathy Gonzales, 55, who lives in


>house owned by a relative of her husband and whose rent is subsidized by a

>Section 8 voucher

And it continues to surprise me with the large number of section 8
houses/duplexes/apts that say sec 8 okay. I thought the number of section 8
vouchers for St. Bernard was both limited and closed, yet you can go onto
craig's list and the local papers and continues to see listings that say
"section 8 okay". Where are all of these coming from? Are the doing this
under the table or something?


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