[StBernard] Our Place in the Sun - Our future in the darkness.

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 7 07:47:23 EDT 2009


Have you noticed, especially since the past presidential election about how
liberals and conservatives conduct themselves, how they view current events,
and the direction of their country?

Well I have.

These very obvious viewpoints seem very evident to me as we appear to be
aimlessly, wander around dizzily. Liberals/Communists/Marxists/Most
Democrats/atheists/..et al, appear to believe they are "saving not only
America, but the world!". They rarely seem to be concerned about the state
of affairs concerning current event if it doesn't include Entertainment
tonight, fashion, the beautiful people, inclusion of everything immoral or
left out of the equation because of religious, moral or virtues and, they
only appear to have but one direction

OB1kNO-B has moved even further to the left (if that's possible, and it is).

The media portrays conservatives in general as kooks, villains, the "new
minority" with brain-dead thugs and hateful, malicious people.

How silly they are.

Inspired by OB, the leftist liberals crow from roof-tops, mainstream media
in plethora delights, twiddling their thumbs, thumbing their noses, and
looking --- well, sort of gay in the spirit (no pun intended, but we're sure
they too are supported as they bask in the glory of their illustrious
leader, OB-1.

I've just visited a few internet sites and have listened to the liberal
media about events of the day, and frankly little is mentioned about the
true state of affairs which is being masked by these leftist and media
superstars of TV.

While the economy tanks, it's amazing to see so many people spending money
on "entertainment and sporting events, enjoyment and bliss". Is this what
happens while "Rome is burning?" People just fiddle around as socialists,
leftists and liberals (and the flower children) gaily (again, no pun here)
ignore truth while wearing rose colored glasses? Can we match the
grasshopper playing the fiddle while the hard-working ants gathered food for
the cold winter that lay ahead?

Oh, My. How political viewpoints change from right to left.

Even notice how liberal infidelity-minded idiots like Letterman can glow
before their adoring and "loving peers" while conservative-minded idiots
getting caught get the ax and are ostracized before the nation and the
world? How quickly a liberal is mercifully forgiven for transgressions.

"So?", they say.

And while you're watching stations/sites like MSNBC or ABC/CBS, you'll see
Anti-war protestors, glorious nuances of entertainment and more as they
ignore the actual truth in our dire issues and play to the sound of music,
artistry of dance, and magical wonderment of charm and celebrity.

Fox news reports the truth, and conservatives can see it laid out before
them clearly. Conservatives notice the change of seasons, the falling away
of the leaves, the inevitable and soon-2-be event of hyperinflation about to
strike our homeland. Such devaluation of our dollar by the evil ones
(Arabs/Oil, governments that propose devaluing our dollar to pennies on it),
is vastly approaching the critical stages within a year. Many economists and
experts predict the "falling away of our value to the world" as OB-1 places
America into a hand basket filled with other countries of the world" in his
quest to become part of one-world-government. Come to think of it, it's
biblical as well as prophesized.

Little time to stabilize most lives with Gold. Costs so much at over $1000
an ounce as most who find this affordable.

We do not know if we can turn things around by the elections in 2010 and
2012. By that time, socialism will have been set in stone and on its way
into the history books such as the fall of Russia, the hyperinflation of
Germany, or the fall of great empires.

I can clearly remember when America was a great country. Like jobs and
businesses, the government has downsized the land we love. I really don't
know that these 180 degree changes can ever, ever be reversed once set into

Pray, -- children.


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