[StBernard] Health Care Bill will TAX your healthcare benefits...

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Oct 9 18:39:12 EDT 2009

And Rena, let me refresh everyone's memory on this. During the 2008
Presidential campaign Sen. John McCain hinted at this idea as a way to pay a
national healthcare program. Obama and his campaign within days had
commercials attacking McCain for even thinking about it. Obama and the
Democratic National Committee spent tens of millions of dollars going after
McCain with attach ads.

Now that the used car salesman from Chicago had been elected, all that goes
off the table and they will adopt the McCain proposal.


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To all of you who have a company-supplied health care plan, PLEASE READ

The Senate is currently working on two health care bills. The Senate
Finance Committee Bill which WILL TAX the value of all Company Supplied
Health Care Plans that it deems as a "Cadillac Plan". This means that if
you work for an employer who just happens to offer you very good health care
benefits, it will be highly likely that it will be considered one of these
"Cadillac Plans" and you will need to pay taxes on the TOTAL VALUE of your
health care (which in my case, for example, is well over $2,400 per year of
which I pay $0.00. Yes, I am VERY fortunate, it was part of my pension
package!! I've been wondering what's gonna happen with that.)

The Second bill they are considering is called The Senate Health, Education
and Pension Bill (H.E.L.P. Bill) and it DOES NOT TAX ANY Health Care

I urge you to write or call your State Senators to voice your opinions on
these bills.

Thanks for your time,


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