[StBernard] Congress Needs Some Skin in the Game

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 28 20:47:02 EDT 2009

Congress has no "skin in the game."

Under the heading Who's got a skin in the game?, William Safire penned a
column about the origin of the phrase.

He writes, "The skin in this case is a synecdoche for the self. [T]he game
is the investment, commitment or gamble being undertaken. Thus, investors in
a company will be more comfortable in their own skins if they know that the
managers are personally invested as well - that they share the risk and have
an incentive to share the gains."

<http://www.cprights.org/support.php> Congress needs to put some skin in the
game and we need your help to keep the pressure on and spread the word!

Bailouts....stimulus bills...cash for clunkers...hundreds and hundreds of
billions - maybe even trillions - spent without a single Member of Congress
being held accountable for what their wild spending spree will do to our
future stretching beyond even our grandchildren.

And now the icing on the cake is their gold-plated government takeover of
our health care system!

Only in Washington do they think that spending $900 BILLION of our tax
dollars on a new government program that will take away our rights as
patients is a good thing! Nancy Pelosi is so proud that she is only spending
$900 billion of our money to fund her government takeover of health care
that she is actually BRAGGING in the media!

We need to hold EVERY SINGLE Congressman and Senator accountable for voting
for this health care monstrosity and need your help to do it.

* I need your ideas.
<http://www.cprights.org/2009/10/-var-host-https.php> What ideas do you
have that would have these Congressmen and Senators "put some skin in the
game." How should we hold them accountable for their upcoming votes on this
gold-plated government takeover of health care?

Some have suggested asking each Congressman and Senator who plans on voting
yes to sign a pledge that they will give up their Cadillac Congressional
health care plan and take the same government health insurance plan they
want to force the rest of us on.

That's a great idea and a start, but we need as many ideas like this as
possible to find the best ones to force Congressmen and Senators to "put
some skin in the game."

We've set up a dedicated webpage where you can go and tell us your ideas.
<http://www.cprights.org/2009/10/-var-host-https.php> To keep you apprised,
we will post on our website some of the top ideas we get.

Thank you for your continued support on this important issue.

Rick Scott
Chairman, Conservatives for Patients' Rights

700 12th Street NW, Suite 700 | Washington, DC 20005

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