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I mailed this letter today to my congressman to tell him how I feel about
the proposed healthcare reform.

It is copied below so that you can make changes to adapt it for your own
personal feelings.

To find your representative(s), go to the link below (right now a written
letter to the Washington office is best):


For more ideas about what to include in your letter, go to the following


For the sake of our children, we can't sit back and just allow these
a--holes to ram through this legislation against our will; it will
ultimately bankrupt our country.

You cannot be too busy to NOT do this!

IMPORTANT: Forward this to everyone on your email list.

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October 29, 2009

Honorable Jim Cooper
1536 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Re: Healthcare Reform

Dear Congressman Cooper,


I just received a letter from Blue Cross (copy enclosed) explaining that "a
change in regulations that affects certain Medicare Advantage plans.requires
us to discontinue your PFFS plan by the year 2011."

This is a result of H.R. 6331, passed by an override of veto by then
President George Bush; you voted in favor of the override.

Blue Cross then suggests that I convert my coverage to a PPO plan, however,
I don't care to change my network of physicians, which include a
Cardiologist, Neurologist and Pulmonologist, as well as an Internist. A
phone call to Blue Cross resulted in yet another solution, to convert to a
more expensive Medigap plan.

In addition, current legislation proposes taxing my wheelchair, my cane,
knee implants, hip implants, pacemakers, home oxygen and other medical
devices, as well as raising my personal medical expense exclusion from 7.5%
to 10% of my AGI, denying me an itemized deduction that I currently enjoy.
That, Mr. Cooper, is a TAX INCREASE.

I strongly oppose the abolishment of the Medicare Advantage Program; being a
member of the H.R. 2718 MEDPAC Committee (which you referenced in your email
to me but did not admit that you are a member), you probably have the
ability to effect change in this area.

Finally, I vehemently oppose H.R. 3200 or Pelosi Care or the Public Option
Plan or whatever you want to call it.

You and the entire Congress are reckless in your actions to impose your
ideology upon the American voters. Conservatively, your party's healthcare
scheme, which is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth, is going to
cost me about $4,200 more for healthcare than I paid this past year, and I'm
on a fixed income.

I sincerely wish that you would follow the voices of your constituents and
not the demands of your political party.

Sincerely yours,


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