[StBernard] How the liberal Democrats deceive on healthcare

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Nov 15 21:16:40 EST 2009


If I'm reading you correctly, I'll add to all those who have some sort of
warped thinking that their employers are "obligated" to pay towards a
healthcare package....what if your employer decided to say "that's it, we're
out of here and moving to South America where we can get good, productive
employees to work for less than half plus we won't have to pay them any kind
of benenfits." So my question is...do you prefer to be in the unemployment
line with no decent income coming in or are you satisfied with a job where
your employer at least gives you some kind of healthcare benefit, not to
mention a regular salary?

When you look at it that way, what your current employer is giving you
doesn't seem all that bad.

We have lost sight of what employer benefits are: simply a "perk" to
encourage good employee personnel to come work for a particular company over
a competitor. In some bizarre, mental-deficient way, we have somehow
started thinking of employer benefits as a "right."

Well, my message to everyone who thinks that way - particularly Obama,
Pelosi, Reid and all the other Demwits: keep it up...and soon the only
employers left in this country will be distributors who ship/deliver all the
products coming into this country from China, India, Vietman, Cambodia,
Taiwan, Phillipines, South America, etc.

Well, I guess that could create a few more jobs at UPS or FedEx.

- John

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