[StBernard] Garbage Reduction - Newspaper Recycling

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Nov 19 21:48:44 EST 2009

Copy of correspondence sent to Parish Council 11/19/09


Subject: Reduce Garbage Through Recycling Newspapers -Provide Funds for Fire Department –

Win Win Approach

Recycle newspapers - Since 2007 I have made several attempts to get a newspaper-recycling program implemented in our Parish. Contacted the School Board, we use to have a recycling dumpster at Chalmette HS, reached out to non-profit groups including the Rediscover District C group to continually hear all the reasons why we can’t do it.

With the failure of the proposed $20.00 monthly increase that was to cover additional garbage fees and Fire Department support other avenues are needed to address this issue.

Implementing a recycling program wouldn’t solve the entire garbage issue but would start a garbage reduction plan.

The primary reason stated in the past was that other trash would be placed in the dumpster. The eligibility to participate requires that the recipient of the funds must be either a civic or non-profit group.

I suggest that we consider putting the dumpsters at several fire stations that are manned 24/7 with the proceeds from the recycled newspaper allocated to the Fire Department.

The SP Recycling Corp currently offers a program to recycle newspapers. The contact person is Scott O’Neal at 504-733-1954

505 New Orleans Division 246 St. George Ave, New Orleans La.70121

SP Recycling Corporation purchases old newspapers through its ten Florida Divisions and its other 27 processing-facilities in 12 states by offering collection containers for community and non-profit group fundraising. The recovered paper is then collected, processed and shipped to the mill for recycling into new newsprint. The Dublin mill uses old newspapers exclusively as its fiber source.

If in fact our garbage service must be decreased, consider keeping the service at 2 a week during the summer months since grass cutting debris is at it’s highest during that time.

Jill W. Dolese

2300 Despaux Dr.

Chalmette, La. 700


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