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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Nov 24 13:14:05 EST 2009

Well stated. A good friend and political analyst made this recent
observation about Obama while we had dinner. Some of this comment you've
heard others say, but I like how Jack summed it up in a short, easy to
understand analysis who, what and why Obama is.

He started off saying "Obama's goal is to destroy all wealth in this
country, desiring to bring everyone down to the same level." Sure, we've
heard similar statements, much to the criticism of Obama supporter that such
a statement is unsubstantiated to the point of ludicrous. Maybe that's
because no one prior has been able to explain it in short term that is
difficult to refute.

"Look at where he grew up and the age that took place. Obama was raised in
Indonesia during the most impressionable years that impact a child to what
kind of adult he/she will grow up to be. From a young boy through high
school years he grew up in a family that was Marxist Muslim (admited by
Obama), but in a country that was militant controlled regime that was
Muslim. For over a dozen years during this highly impressionable period,
all he heard everyday was what a terrible country the United States is, how
terrible Americans are, and he heard this not only from local newspapers,
government leaders, other citizens, but from his own parents. This was
drilled into his head for such a long time."

Then, he gets the chance to come back to the U.S. to attend prestigious
schools arranged by a high ranking official of the Nation of Islam (and very
close to the Rev. Louis Farrakhan). During this time he concludes
everything he was taught about American is correct, but decides American
"can be saved" by changing it into a country similar to the one he grew up
in most of his life to that point. Now, is this starting to making sense?
Then he meets a woman he would marry. She shares his impression of America
(though hers is based more on being an "angry black person who has been
cheated by the system," per her college thesis) and nurtures him to pursue
his goals to "change" things.

She convinces him that he has to change or "revise" his image so not to
scare and allow anyone to suspect what his "real" goal is. So he starts to
attend what is labeled as a "Christian" church. But upon closer review, the
church he attends is admitedly based on "black Marxist theology - something
its leader, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, does not deny. This particular church and
its "theology" is a perfect fit for Obama.

As Jack put it, there are those out there saying "Obama doesn't know what he
is doing." Jack contends Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He is a
communist, a clear and obvious product of his religious upbringing, a
product of where he grew up and the environment of his family who were
marxist-muslims. So naturally, he is bent on destroying the free-market
system and bringing down the value of the dollar, thus capitalism, because
that is the only way a marxist can accomplish the prinicples and goals he
was reared and educated on.

And if you don't think this is the case, what do you think "spreading the
wealth" means?...as he told Joe the Plumber. That day, that comment to that
local plumber should have alerted everyone in this country to what Obama's
real goal is. But it was softened by calling it "spread the wealth." And
you think this is something new? Huey Long called it "Share the Wealth."
True, Long's slogan was more likely just a catchy phrase to get the poor
man's vote...but is what Obama promised during the campaign really that
different. Long was a demagogue, a person who desires to be a pious king or
dictator even if it means using unpious means to achieve that position.

Pulitzer prize winning author Charles Krauthammer has repeatedly said "what
Obama really wants is to be king of the world, not just president, because
he has this pious image of himself as a person who can bring change on a
global level." Is Jack's comments started to come together like pieces of a

Still not convinced? Then why is practically every Czar appointed by Obama
(or nominated) some of the most "radical" people you've ever seen. Most
admit to being communist! Blum, his manufacturing Czar can be seen on
youtube in a video saying at a luncheon that "the free market is dead,
capitalism is a failure" and "like Mao we agree that change is best
accomplished at the barrel of a gun." I mean, c'mon? Check out the video
for yourself. Don't you find it strange the kind of people Obama surrounds
himself with - they share his vision of America being an evil country and
its people. Why else do you think he goes around the world apologizing
about the U.S? Is this now starting to make sense?

Ms. Champagne is absolutely correct. It is time for all Americans to wake
up and see Obama for what he truly is based on how he was raised and
educated - the years that shape a child into an adult. It will then make
sense, and Americans from coast to coast will start rejecting him and
everything he attempts. But don't think Obama is so stupid that he doesn't
realize this will happen. Why else do you think he (and the Democrats) are
in such a hurry with all these social/communist programs? It's because he
knows the Republicans are going to take back the House and Senate by 2012,
if not by 2010, and that he will lose reelection. So he's trying to cause
as much damage as he possibly can by that time, hoping the damage he causes
will take years to recover from. He's not stupid.

- John

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