Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Nov 30 20:24:31 EST 2009



I pledge allegiance to The Saints, and to the great city of New Orleans; and
to The Super Bowl, for which we will win; One city, under God, below sea
level; with Mardi Gras & alcohol for all.

Now...let's bow our heads for a moment of prayer:

Our Brother, who doth rule thy Dome, Hallowed be thy aim. Thy bowl doth
come. Thy will be done, in Miami as it was in Canton. Give us this day, our
20 point lead, and forgive us our doubts. As we forgive those that crumble
before us. Lead us not into 3rd and longs, and deliver us from goal-line
stand. For thine is the arm, the aim and the pocket presence, forever and
ever, AMEN.

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