[StBernard] Groaners

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Jan 8 21:50:18 EST 2010

One more for you:

The king overheard one of the nobles of his court plotting to overthrow him.
He immediately arrested the Count and ordered him tortured until he revealed
all of the co-conspirators. The Count was placed on the rack for a full
day, but would not divulge any information. Spikes were driven into his
fingernails, but he still revealed nothing. Every form of torture was
tried, but they still could not break his silence. Finally, the king
thought that if he threatened the Count with beheading, he would surely talk
to save his own life. The Count was brought to the scaffold and given a
last chance to speak, but would not, and he was beheaded without revealing
anything of the plot. Ultimately, the remaining nobles carried out their
plot to overthrow the king. The moral of the story: Don't hatchet your
counts before they chicken.

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