[StBernard] In case you missed the State of the Union Address...here is a summary...

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Feb 1 21:08:52 EST 2010


Even worse, Obama is back to his old tricks of trying to convince the "TEA
Party" people that "they and progressives are basically working for the same

To say a TEA Party American and a Progresive are the same is like saying
LeBron James and a midget are basically the same height.

But this time, Obama is bullshitting himself if thinks any of the TEA Party
people are falling for that one.

He also claimed in his address that he gave tax cuts to 95% of
Americans.....WHO?....WHERE? I want to know who out there got a tax cut?
This guy is drinking his own kool-aid and lives in Fantasyland.


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: In case you missed the State of the Union Address... here is a
summary in its entirety

It's all Bush's fault ...

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