[StBernard] Ground Breaking on Jacks Canal Drainage Pump Station held

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Fri Feb 19 08:23:46 EST 2010

Ground Breaking on Jacks Canal Drainage Pump Station held

$438,000 project promises improved tidal flooding protection

St. Bernard Parish President Craig P. Taffaro Jr. and Parish Council members
held a Ground Breaking to mark the beginning of construction of the Jacks
Canal station. This station is referred to as the Jacks Canal Drainage Pump

President Taffaro said the project promises to offer improved tidal flooding
protection when more than $438,000 in construction is completed.

A temporary pump will remain operational until the new station is completely
rebuilt in about five months.

The Jacks Canal project involves the replacement of one 12-inch vertical
lineshaft pump. The pump will have a pumping capacity of 3,500 gallons per
minute. In addition to the pump the project includes a diesel engine and
related facilities.

As part of the work at this station, the diesel engine and related
facilities will be raised about 16 feet higher than the facilities damaged
by Hurricane Katrina were originally elevated.

The station was designed by Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc., and will be
constructed by Sopena Corporation. Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. is the project
manager. The St. Bernard Public Works Department and Water and Sewer
Department under Parish Acting Director of Public Works Logan Martin also
are working on the project.

The Jacks Canal Drainage Pump Station is located in the southeastern end of
St. Bernard Parish near the community of Delacroix.

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