[StBernard] Celebrate St. Bernard and Stand Up and Be Counted community event March 18 at Nunez Community College from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Mar 4 20:29:12 EST 2010

Celebrate St. Bernard and Stand Up and Be Counted community event March 18
at Nunez Community College from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Event a mini festival/pep rally, complete with entertainment, free food and

The Celebrate St. Bernard Committee is holding its annual event to promote
the 2010 Census on March 18 that will be a mini festival/pep rally, complete
with entertainment, singing, dancing, cheer leaders, free food and free
t-shirts and giveaways.

Celebrate St. Bernard and Stand Up and Be Counted will be held Thursday,
March 18 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Nunez Community College and will focus on
letting people know how important it is to fill out their Census 2010 forms
and how easy it will be with the revised forms being mailed to homes on
March 15. Residents are asked to mail them back in within two weeks of
CENSUS DAY, which is APRIL 1, 2010.

"As St. Bernard Parish continues to grow and prosper in these difficult
conditions, the Celebrate St Bernard movement has been a source of
excitement about our community," St. Bernard Parish President Craig P.
Taffaro, Jr. said. "The Stand Up and be Counted event combines our natural
ability to get together with our friends, family, and neighbors with
education of the public to take the census as a serious event for St.
Bernard. Everything that is important in our community is at stake."

"Celebrate St. Bernard was developed to showcase the tremendous resources,
talent, and strengths of our parish and to create a sense of community
spirit," said Tommy Warner, Chancellor of Nunez Community College and
Chairman of the Celebrate St. Bernard Committee. "The fact that our parish
has developed into such a warm, welcoming place that so many want to call
home is a testament to the tenacity, determination, and character of the
people who live and work here. Each of our events has had record turnouts,
and we hope to see that enthusiasm on March 18th. We are looking forward to
providing our citizens the opportunity to join those of us on Nunez's campus
in standing up to be counted!"

Completing the Census form is critical to St. Bernard because Census data
help determine how more than $400 billion per year in federal funding is
distributed to tribal, state and local governments for services that affect
local communities like ours. Census data can help fund services for people
in poverty, and establish facilities for people with disabilities, children
and the elderly.

Census data help forecast future transportation needs and determine how we
are represented in all levels of government. Basically, the 2010 Census is
about the future and well being of our community and country.

Completing and mailing back your form is the easiest and most efficient
method of participating. This is one of the shortest census forms in U.S.
Census history. It asks 10 questions and only takes about 10 minutes to
complete. All of your answers are safe and confidential.

This party is a continuation of last year's May kick-off rally by the
Celebration St. Bernard committee that asks residents to join in the ongoing
campaign that is meant to celebrate our accomplishments, our historic past
and promising future.

The event will be moderated by Barry Lemoine and Will Schneider of the St.
Bernard School Board and Shine Productions, and Krystal Boothe-Gonzales,
former television news personality and a Chalmette High School teacher. It
will include brief updates from Nunez Community College Chancellor Tommy
Warner, who chairs the Celebrate St. Bernard Committee and Parish President
Craig P. Taffaro, Jr.

The marketing effort was kicked off with a $60,000 grant from the St.
Bernard Community Foundation. To learn more about the effort, visit the
following websites: www.sbpg.net <http://www.sbpg.net/> ,
www.stbernardchamber.org <http://www.stbernardchamber.org/> , or
www.visitstbernard.com <http://www.visitstbernard.com/> . Neighborhood
garden flags with the Celebrate St. Bernard logo will be available for $15,
including the stands so people can proudly show their spirit. There also
will be Celebrate St. Bernard holiday ornaments and a set of drinking
glasses. Look for the Celebrate St. Bernard items at upcoming community
events or call the St. Bernard Chamber at 504-250-6121 or St. Bernard
Tourism Office at 504-278-4242.


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