[StBernard] Subcommittee Approves Measure to Cancel Haiti's Debt

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Mar 7 11:19:23 EST 2010

"Obama..."Change you can believe in" -- Yep, we're getting changed

Jer Responds: You're right. Have they changed Katrina victim's debts yet?

<Sarcastically accurate, so I'll skip the facetious attitude and deal with
Ob1's attitude>. Yes, Haiti was a disaster (away from our sovereignty.
Disasters should be left to the generosity of the world's population giving
of their own hearts.

Didya hear the good, Katrina "darling" of a general, Russel L. Honoré who
ranked in control during Katrina wanting to bring the Haiti victims to
America (bypassing the immigration laws)? Can't get more socialistic and
biased/prejudiced/racists than that? When the earthquakes hit Italy, my
heritage, how many blacks and socialists were breaking their necks to give
the attention they needed to the people there? Or elsewhere?

Have a disaster hit the "people of color" and it becomes a priority,
unmatched by any other events. (including New Orleans over St. Bernard).

"We have the capacity in America" he's proporting. "Evacuation plan" to


Do you think they're want to go back after filling up Atlanta, Miami, New
Orleans and Houston in the South?

Specials of "We are the world", draw attention to special treatment, while
those in American disasters are ignored or forced into more debt and loss of
sustainable help.

One world government. We are but ONE people, under Earth (God is passe' and
a folk lore), with liberty and "Social Justice" for all. Funny how we can
feed the world, forgive their debt and allow our own to go bankrupt, submit
them to continued hunger and loss of homes, employment, etc. and continue to
send money needed for American recovery everywhere else but here.

He says, "So there's room for social entrepreneurship even in developed
countries like the United States? Gen. Honoré: Oh, there's need for it here.
You know, I was astonished, growing up in a family of twelve kids living on
a subsistence farm,.."

We say, do we want "rabbits breeding heavily" on American shores, while jobs
are gone, money debt is up to the 10's of Trillions and there's more concern
for "spreading the wealth" around the world, leading us further into a
"black hole" or Abyss of which we can never escape?


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