[StBernard] Dog park

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 30 07:37:13 EDT 2010

JY: It's a dog P A R K, . . not a dog racing facility. duh!!

Jer Responds:

Dog Park? Does it have cutsy swings and slides for them to be entertained as
appeared on Ed Sullivan?

Sure, JY. Put the Dog Poop in somebody else' neighborhood. Is there one
around anyone elses?

Does anyone here bring their dogs out on anyone elses' lawn by habit or
daily preference. I prefer to walk my animal around my back yard where it's
allocated to my own nose.

Bring it out to a park where people can catch the breeze and disturb the

Doesn't matter how huge this "dog pound" idea is. Leave your dog home where
he belongs or out to the country and not a subdivision that is not one's
own. (and even then, there could be resistance of those who are part of that

It's an ignorant idea (and yes, I'll agree with the "silly" term).

Pooper-Scoops?? Whether one walks the dog around the track, around the
walking path or in the grass where one plays football, baseball or perhaps
frisbie, no one wants to slide into what Dogs do naturally.

Keep the Dog-gone idea out of the neighborhood.


For those who select the coveted neighborhood of Val Reiss, Borgnemouth or
your neighborhood, it is chosen because it keeps the animals out of their
own, perhaps.

Anyone care to have one built where you live?

Does everyone actually believe that a poor animal is going to wait until it
can get to a "Poop station" to let loose its bowels or bladder? Is every
owner going to be so courteous as to follow the rules and avoid burning the
grass or staining concrete?

It's not the country of miles-around forgiveness of pets. And still if one
is moving down a road, the aroma is unforgettable.

To NOT think of such an abomination would be silly, JY. (DUH!!!).

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