[StBernard] Pressure increases for broader definition of 'inherently governmental'

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 30 22:22:30 EDT 2010

Pressure increases for broader definition of 'inherently governmental'
│By Federal Daily
│Mar 29, 2010
A contingent of 11 Democratic senators urged the Office of Management and
Budget to more broadly define what constitutes inherently governmental job
categories that can be performed only by federal civil servants.

In a March 18 letter, the senators urged OMB Director Peter Orszag to define
"inherently governmental" work in expansive terms "to cover all sensitive
functions so managers won't need designations like 'core,' 'critical' and
'mission-essential' to shield jobs they know are best performed by federal

The letter is part of the larger effort launched last year by President
Obama to rein in the number of jobs that are contracted out to the private
sector. Outsourcing of federal government work went too far in the previous
administration, said the letter, which suggested that Orszag issue
restrictions to more tightly constrain the type of work that subcontractors
can perform.

"We can't continue to allow federal agencies to lose control of
mission-relevant functions by giving contractors a decisive role in how they
are executed," the letter said.

Lawmakers also urged Orszag to set deadlines for each agency to identify and
in-source any such work that was contracted out. OMB is expected to publish
the new guidelines next month. Among those signing the letter were Sens.
Barbara Mikulski of Maryland and Robert Byrd of West Virginia.

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