[StBernard] Victory like the Saints!

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 30 23:11:39 EDT 2010

Dear Friends -

We kicked off the 2010 Regular Legislative Session yesterday and I spoke to
a joint session of the Legislature about the many challenges facing our
state and our incredible opportunities in overcoming them. Here in
Louisiana, we don't have to look any further than our own Super Bowl winning
New Orleans Saints to be inspired by victory even through trying times and
tremendous challenges!

Click Here To Read My Full Remarks To The Legislature

ionsmall.jpg> Of course, the greatest challenge facing our state and our
country is the economy. This national recession has not only impacted our
families and businesses, but our state's budget as well. The state faces a
fundamental decision during times of deficit - we can either reduce
government spending or keep spending the same and pass the burden on to
businesses and families through tax increases. Make no mistake about it; as
long as I'm your Governor, we will not do as this state has done in the
past. We will not raise taxes on our families or businesses and we will not
expand gambling. Some states are pursuing those very means to raise revenue
and it hasn't fixed their economies, and in some cases, they have made their
business climates even worse.

The reality is that today's budgetary challenges provide an opportunity to
make decisions that will lead to Louisiana's continued prosperity. In my
remarks to the legislators, I outlined three critical areas that we will
focus on in this session: increasing flexibility in our budget process to
better protect higher education and health care in times of declining
revenue, reforming education to improve outcomes for our students, and
improving our health care system to provide quality care for all

I know we will make great progress in this legislative session. Even as we
continue to face tight budget times, we will protect our state priorities
and we will move Louisiana forward so that our children can raise their
families and pursue their dreams right here at home.


Governor Bobby Jindal

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