[StBernard] Investing in our Future

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Apr 7 09:08:53 EDT 2010

Dear Friends -

On Monday I announced my support of Senate Bill 53, which aims to withhold
casino winnings from parents who have failed to meet their financial
obligations to their children. According to the Baton Rouge Advocate
=1AacAKWJ9BCTwGYALZm1KA> , in Louisiana there are more than 51,000 instances
of overdue child support payments amounting to more than $1 billion owed to
children and primary care givers. This is simply unacceptable and this bill
is just one of the steps we will pursue to ensure that parents meet and
abide by the commitments they've made to our state's children.

Recently, we have announced several state funding initiatives under our
Capital Outlay proposal, including a $48 million commitment for widening
I-12 all the way to Walker, $44 million for completing additional segments
of I-49 North, and several million dollars for construction projects at
universities across our state. As the Bossier Press-Tribune
=crkPbS7cUP%2fU2U6o8zem%2fg> reported on my remarks concerning the widening
of I-49, we will not wait for the federal government, we will move forward
on our priorities on our own and continue our commitment to finishing
projects that help our businesses grow and create more jobs for our people.

One of the most important pieces of legislation we will pursue this session
is House Bill 1033, which will better recognize and reward our state's best
educators. As the Alexandria Town Talk
=APktqGPx0Q%2bRM2AAwdEcAw> states, "at its core, H.B. 1033 requires
evaluations of teachers, principals, and assistants annually, instead of
every three years, and links them directly to student achievement."

Louisiana's success at attracting digital media firms to our state
continues. According to the Shreveport Times
=rwnqSAwIVmtsers6YWImOQ> , our state received 59 applications for the tax
credits created to incentivize these projects last year and in just the
first four months of 2010 we've received an additional 25 requests. Across
our state, our goal is the same - to create new and lucrative employment
opportunities for our people. That is what we have done since taking office
and what we will continue to do.

Last Wednesday, I honored more than 770 veterans in Lafayette Parish with
the Louisiana Veterans Honor Medal. These awards, created by the
Legislature and signed into law in 2008, represent our respect and gratitude
for the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to defend our
freedom and way of life. We appreciate their service and it is a humbling
and inspiring occasion to recognize their accomplishments and service to our
great nation.


Governor Bobby Jindal

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