[StBernard] Senate takes up lapsed flood insurance program

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Apr 14 08:58:04 EDT 2010

Well this was in one of the linked articles in the original email to the

>insurance agents also can't increase coverage on existing policies or renew

policies until the program is re-activated.

Ours is coming up for renewal so I hope they get something passed soon.
We're heading into "that time of year".


Typical bullshit Democrats, pulling another Healt Care Reform tactic
waiting till the last second and trying to tack on crap to the NFIP
bill to
spend more money we don't have. I agree with the Republicans who
forcing the Democrats to follow proper procedure and ask responsible
questions. They should hold it up until the Democrats explain
themselves -
not to mention why they procrastinated with this funding bill when
could have brought it up weeks ago.


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