[StBernard] Pushing for Help for our Fishermen

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri May 21 00:44:02 EDT 2010

Dear Friend,

Yesterday, I once again urged the Obama Administration to declare a
fisheries disaster during two U.S. Senate hearings on the Gulf oil spill.

I also sent a letter last week to Department of Commerce Secretary Gary
Locke urging him to declare a commercial fishery disaster so that the
process of delivering financial assistance to the affected commercial
fishing industry in Louisiana could begin. Unfortunately, no disaster
declaration has been made yet, and I am deeply concerned by the delay.

With oil beginning to wash up along our coastline, we need immediate federal
disaster assistance for our commercial fishing industry. The administration
should have already declared a commercial fishery disaster so that
much-needed financial assistance could begin reaching impacted commercial
fishermen. And a disaster declaration doesn't let BP off the hook for its
financial responsibility, but it would provide valuable financial assistance
to impacted fishermen while they wait for their damage claims with BP to be

I will continue to urge administration officials to declare a commercial
fishery disaster immediately so that Louisiana's commercial fishermen can
begin getting the help they need now.

David Vitter
U.S. Senator

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