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Wed Aug 18 21:30:41 EDT 2010

Dear Friends -

In the face of a national economic downturn and job-killing policies coming
out of Washington, D.C., Louisiana continues to press forward with economic
wins. Yesterday, I joined officials from Blade Dynamics, Dow Chemical
Company, and NASA to announce that Blade Dynamics will be building advanced
wind turbines at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. The
Associated Press
=YMNH3wLHlbxfPXZcCb5uug&sysid=1> reported that at least 600 new direct jobs
will be created by this announcement and our economic development team
estimates an additional 970 new indirect jobs will also be created, which
means a total of more than 1,500 new jobs in Louisiana. This is a huge win
for New Orleans and our entire state because it establishes hundreds of
high-paying new jobs and it also marks a big step forward for our state into
renewable energy and green manufacturing that will help us continue to
diversify our economy.

The Blade Dynamics announcement comes on the heels of another major economic
development announcement in Alexandria last week where I joined officials
from National Electronic Warranty Customer Service Companies, or NEW, as
part of our Building a Better Louisiana for our Children tour to announce
that NEW is creating 200 home-based direct jobs. These 200 direct jobs will
result in the creation of another 100 indirect jobs for a total of 300 new
jobs in Central Louisiana. As I told the Alexandria Town Talk
=rNYgrFNckfK05irQGdeHyw&sysid=1> , NEW could have gone anywhere in the U.S.,
but they chose Central Louisiana and that decision is a reflection of our
commitment to economic development and the success of our pro-growth
policies to build a better Louisiana for our children.

These investments from businesses are just the latest examples that our
focus on economic development is creating opportunity for Louisianians.
We've made incredible progress, but we've got more work to do so that we can
ensure that all of our sons and daughters can pursue their dreams right here
at home.

Earlier this week, I was in Grand Isle where I joined an official from BP to
announce $15 million in funding for the Louisiana Department of Health and
Hospitals to support mental health services for people impacted by the oil
spill. Originally, we requested $10 million from BP for six months and then
revised that request for $28 million for thirteen months. BP told us last
week they would provide $7 million, but we rejected that offer and pressed
them to review the data showing the need for more services for our people.
After we pushed them, BP stepped up to the plate and we are pleased with the
$15 million commitment. This was an important announcement because it helps
our people get back to work and resume their pre-spill lives.

While down in Grand Isle, I also visited a coastal restoration project at
Bay Joe Wise to highlight our Agenda to Revitalize Louisiana. The project at
Bay Joe Wise is part of the larger Barataria Basin Barrier Shoreline
Restoration Project, or BBBS Project. The BBBS Project is one of 18 coastal
restoration, hurricane and flood protection and freshwater diversion
projects that have already been authorized for construction by Congress,
which we're calling on the federal government to complete so that we can
restore our coast following the oil spill.

Finally, I'd like to tell you about an exciting event coming up this Friday
featuring Louisiana homegrown talent and benefiting the children of our
state. As reported by The Examiner
=%2fYtf6wah3lclOqKhwFHnbQ&sysid=1> , Louisiana native and Disney recording
star Anna Margaret will headline a Back to School Dance Party for all ages
on Friday, August 20th to raise money for the First Lady's foundation. Anna
Margaret was motivated to hold this concert by the oil spill and recently
joined Supriya on a visit to schools along the coast to hand out school
supplies. I'm so proud of Anna Margaret for giving back to her community
and for my wife for her efforts to make a difference in the lives of our
state's young people. For more information, please visit: www.q93fm.com
=O6GEZgr%2bBO58Qyl2scnL4Q&sysid=1> .


Governor Bobby Jindal

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