[StBernard] Vitter's double standard

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Wed Sep 8 19:58:11 EDT 2010

Watch the video
jj7J8VmNm8m> In case you missed it, last week the Louisiana Democratic Party
released the full version of their Forgotten Crimes documentary on David
Vitter's criminal history.

Already, over 30,000 people have watched the new video -- and you can watch
it right now at ForgottenCrimes.com.

The video holds David Vitter accountable for his past actions and lack of
honesty with the people of Louisiana. As Talking Points Memo's Brian Beutler

The Louisiana Democratic party has produced an extremely potent video
recapping, and even re-enacting, the full history of David Vitter's
prostitution scandals...

The five minute, 32 second documentary-style video includes testimonials
from what the Louisiana Democrats describe as real Louisianans who've lost
faith in Vitter for using his office to get away with criminal activity.

With a recent poll showing that a shockingly high percentage of Louisiana
voters are unfamiliar with the incidents from Vitter's past, this video will
help make sure the voters are fully informed before they go to the polls
this November.

Watch the video right now at ForgottenCrimes.com -- you'll be shocked at
just how much Vitter has gotten away with.

One thing to make clear is that this isn't just about a tabloid scandal or
personal embarrassment. This is about David Vitter demanding a different set
of rules for himself than for teachers, firefighters, veterans, and every
Louisianian who works hard and plays by the rules.

What David Vitter did was a crime, yet he's barely been held accountable for
it at all. Even Fox News got to the heart of this issue in their coverage of
the new video:

The video reminds viewers that Vitter has never taken questions on the
scandal, didn't have to testify in the D.C. Madam's trial before she killed
herself, and was not investigated by his colleagues in the Senate.

If anyone else had done what Vitter did, he'd have lost his job and been
thrown out on the streets. He certainly wouldn't have been allowed to carry
on without even answering questions from the people he works for.

Vitter has gotten away with it up to this point through stonewalling and
intimidation, so it's up to us to make sure that Vitter is held to the same
standard as everyone else.

Do your part by watching the new video today at ForgottenCrimes.com
Tj7J8VmNm8m> -- then forward this email to five Louisiana voters so that
they can see it, too.

Thanks for helping us hold David Vitter accountable.


Bradley Beychok
Campaign Manager
Charlie Melancon for Senate

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